Recensioni ai Quanah Parker (progressive rock)

Below here, some excerpts from some beautiful reviews to my Italian progressive rock band “Quanah Parker” ( Our music is available on cdbaby and at  Many thanks to our reviewers and… we hope you’ll enjoy reading this!

Un disco che inorgoglisce il Progressive Italiano, senza spazio e senza tempo, a dimostrazione che questa magia mai finirà. (Massimo Salari, recensione al CD Suite degli Animali Fantastici, 28 febbraio 2015,


Preview of the new Quanah Parker CD “Suite degli Animali Fantastici”

Good news! The new CD Suite degli Animali Fantastici by my Italian progressive rock band Quanah Parker ( is going to be released by M.P. & Records and will be available in a few days through, where you can also find our first album Quanah!

Below here are the  links to a SoundCloud preview of two pieces from Suite degli Animali Fantastici. This CD features twelve original pieces, among them a 30-minutes long Suite in the best Progressive Rock tradition. More on this album soon.  Good listening and… enjoy! 🙂

From Distant Lands:

Animale Multiforme: