Recensioni ai Quanah Parker (progressive rock)

Below here, some excerpts from some beautiful reviews to my Italian progressive rock band “Quanah Parker” ( Our music is available on cdbaby and at  Many thanks to our reviewers and… we hope you’ll enjoy reading this!

Un disco che inorgoglisce il Progressive Italiano, senza spazio e senza tempo, a dimostrazione che questa magia mai finirà. (Massimo Salari, recensione al CD Suite degli Animali Fantastici, 28 febbraio 2015,


Preview of the new Quanah Parker CD “Suite degli Animali Fantastici”

Good news! The new CD Suite degli Animali Fantastici by my Italian progressive rock band Quanah Parker ( is going to be released by M.P. & Records and will be available in a few days through, where you can also find our first album Quanah!

Below here are the  links to a SoundCloud preview of two pieces from Suite degli Animali Fantastici. This CD features twelve original pieces, among them a 30-minutes long Suite in the best Progressive Rock tradition. More on this album soon.  Good listening and… enjoy! 🙂

From Distant Lands:

Animale Multiforme:


Rick Wakeman and “Amazing Grace”

More than 1800 existing versions of the well-known hymn Amazing Grace, but just one of them played in “3/4+3/8” time! This is what one can hear in Rick Wakeman‘s beautiful 2 Disc DVD & CD collection Amazing Grace Progressive rock legend Rick Wakeman seems fond of this meter–it is the same one used in the opening theme of his famous masterpiece Journey To The Centre Of The Earth (1974). Of course, you can also think the “3/4+3/8” time as a “9/8 (2+2+2+3)” mixed meter, or as a “4/4+1/8” mixed meter if you prefer. In any case, this version of Amazing Grace is another witness to Wakeman’s originality and lyrical approach to the piano. Continua…

Progressive rock: Quanah Parker “Quanah!”

Just found another great review  to the CD Quanah! (Diplodisc dpl 004) by my Quanah Parker progressive rock band. Released in November 2012 and co-produced by Quanah Parker and Alessandro “Unfolk” Monti, this CD is gaining many very favourable reviews, a fairly nice amount of airplay (in Italy, USA and UK), and it has recently been re-released with an expanded cover artwork too. Quanah! is distributed worldwide by G.T. Music Distribution and is available through many websites, such as and . Quanah Parker is currently completing a second CD, which among other things will also include a 25-minutes long Suite degli Animali Fantastici, whose masterful lyrics have been written by our friend Alessandro “Unfolk” Monti. More on this band on these pages soon! Meanwhile, thank you again Redazione Hamelin Prog for this beautiful review, and… long live Prog!


Appena uscita sul web un’altra bellissima recensione al CD Quanah! (Diplodisc dpl 004) della mia band di progressive rock Quanah Parker! Pubblicato nel novembre 2012 e co-prodotto dai Quanah Parker e da Alessandro “Unfolk” Monti, questo CD sta raccogliendo molte recensioni positive, una buona diffusione radiofonica (in Italia, USA e UK), ed è stato recentemente ristampato con un artwork espanso della copertina. Quanah! è distribuito da G.T. Music Distribution ed è disponibile anche  su molti siti web, come e . I Quanah Parker stanno attualmente completando il loro secondo CD, che tra le altre cose conterrà anche un lungo brano di oltre 25-minuti, la Suite degli Animali Fantastici, con dei testi assolutamente meravigliosi scritti dal nostro amico Alessandro “Unfolk” Monti. Presto in queste pagine altre informazioni su questa band! Intanto, grazie ancora alla Redazione Hamelin Prog per questa sua bellissima recensione, e… long live Prog!