Play…LATIN PIANO Like a Pro!


Language: English
152 pages
Cat. number: SM005/2021


A complete instruction book for piano and solo piano, Latin-style!
Salsa, Mambo, Son, Guajira, Cha-cha-chá, Merengue, Samba, Tango, Fandango, Salsa flamenca, Bossa Nova and Latin Jazz are some of the fabulous musical genres you will find in this book, along with…

23 Original Solo Piano Pieces, written in many different styles, and tested over decades of teaching and live performances!
Ranging from old contradanzas to the fabulous “Salsa Stride” style, these pieces will prove great to solve the old challenge of how to play Latin music as a solo pianist in a convincing—and much rewarding—way!

Dozens upon dozens of fun-filled Rhythmic Drills that will help you master the rhythmic intricacies of Latin Music!

Plus chapters on the “Clave” and the “Tumbao” bass, the way Montunos are built, and also brand new and exciting “Tumbao Basslines with Double Notes”!

Besides that, for the joy of your ensemble playing there are also 60 Piano Montunos, many of them fitting famous songs too!

All this comes along with useful Piano Patterns for playing Bossa Nova, Reggae, Danzón, Cumbia, Joropo, and even Bachata!
And also… a fabulous chapter on the Polyrhythmic Approach to Improvisation!

The music presented here not only explores a wide stylistic range… it is often based on famous Latin masterpieces!
To top it all off, each piece is introduced by stylistical and historical chapters.

Really, you can not ask for more from a single book!
This guide will give you rhythmic knowledge, great hands independence, much better chops, and above all… a lot of fun! Enjoy!

Enjoy these short previews!


El Perfume de Tu Flor

Mi Primera Salsa


Mi Ritmo



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