The Blues Piano: 14 original solos in various styles


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Addressed to students of various levels, these 14 pieces have been written in various styles of the wonderful and kaleidoscopic world of “blues piano”.

Their pedagogical usefulness has been verified over time, and many of these pieces have proven to be excellent for professional live performance and development as well.
An attempt has been made to offer as broad an overview of blues piano styles as possible, using different techniques and forms of expression.

We hope that this collection will bring the student closer to the great masterpieces of blues piano, and provide him or her with the fundamentals to start playing them.
For a full understanding of blues piano styles, it is absolutely essential to listen to the recordings of its great pioneers and masters, such as Jimmy Yancey, Meade Lux Lewis, Memphis Slim, etc., and also the great jazz and rock pianists who have constantly reworked this music up to the present day.

Because, as someone rightly said: “The blues is eternal”.

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The Blues Piano (video promo)

Fred Bryant Blues

The Brothers’ Blues

Sweet Jelly Roll

Shuffle Blues

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