Fats Waller stride piano styleLo stile stride di Fats Waller

Fats Waller‘s jubilant piano style certainly was one of the most popular facets of the whole Harlem Stride Piano style and a main model of the Swing Piano style too. Here is my own arrangement of the song Truckin’using many of Waller’s peculiar techniques and originally published in the Summer 2005 issue of Sheet Music Magazine. Please contact me in case you are interested in receiving the score of this music: 

For more on Fats style and note-for-note transcriptions of famous recordings by him such as Numb Fumblin’Smashing Thirds, Martinique, Dinah, etc., you can see my folios Harlem Stride Piano Solos and The Soul Of Blues, Stride & Swing Piano, and my method Jazz Piano: The Left Hand.

Fats Waller


  • Reed james

    Hi Riccardo:
    I have your Harlem Stride Piano book, and I just wanted to know where I could get the Cliff Jackson recording of Happy Birthday to Pat? I find I can’t play these tunes well without hearing them first. Thanks.


    Reed D. James

    • Riccardo

      Hi James:
      thank you very much for writing. I transcribed Cliff Jackson’s recording of “Happy Birthday To Pat” from a rare LP, and I copied it as a tape cassette. I must see I can digitalize it. If so, I’ll tell you and send you copy of it!


    Hi Mr. Scivales,
    I own both your Stride books and also your Jazz left hand book. The books are a delight to study and to play the arrangements is pure joy. I also possess some Erroll Garner transcriptions by Morris Feldman and some Brubeck transcribed by Frank Metis/Howard Brubeck. I am absolutely amazed at how you manage to transcribe the recordings so accurately. Is it done purely by ear or is there some scientific assistance? Many thanks for your brilliant publications.

    • Riccardo

      Hi Mr. Lorman,
      Thank you very much for your very very kind words on my books. Great to know you like them! 🙂
      As to my transcribing work, it is done by ear and listening to a portable tape cassette player, sometimes slowing down the tape a little bit.
      Thank you again for writing!
      All the best,
      Riccardo Scivales

  • Mic


    vorrei contattarla per farle qualche domanda in merito alle sue trascrizioni di stride piano. Come posso contattarla? Non ho trovato nessun indirizzo email.

    • Riccardo

      Buongiorno, grazie per avermi scritto e mi scusi, ho visto solo ora il suo messaggio, che mi era sfuggito. Il mio indirizzo email è: riccardo.scivales@gmail.com Le do anche la buona notizia che finalmente tutti i miei libri di trascrizioni sono nuovamente disponibili a buon prezzo. Mi scriva, così le spiego nei dettagli!
      Buona giornata,
      Riccardo Scivales

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