A “Sanctified Rhythm Blues” from “Southern-Fried Blues”“Sanctified Rhythm Blues”, da “Southern-Fried Blues”

 “SANCTIFIED RHYTHM BLUES” and my book “SOUTHERN-FRIED BLUES” The piece featured today is Sanctified Rhythm Blues, an original composition of mine from my book Southern Fried-Blues, published by the Neil A. Kjos Music Company of San Diego, California. Here is a beautiful “Classitronic” interpretation of it, posted by Jim Engel on YouTube (thank you, Jim, and nice to meet you!): http://youtu.be/tezN3ZNTF_s Southern Fried-Blues is a collection of five blues piano originals illustrating various facets of blues piano. Sanctified Rhythm Blues is an example of the much favored slow blues approach in 6/8 time, with left hand “rootless voicings” too. The other pieces in this book deal with the “walkin’ bass” technique, some useful variants and re-harmonizations of the basic 12-bar blues form, Gospel-like colorations, etc. As you can hear in the middle section of Sanctified Rhythm Blues, written improvisations are provided too. Since several years I use this collection with my own piano students, with great success at recitals too. It is easily available through music dealers and online through Kjos Music and Amazon too.


Riccardo Scivales. Southern-Fried Blues: Five Blues Piano Solos (San Diego, California, Neil A. Kjos Music Company, 2001, pp. 16, WP571, $ 4.45). Five original compositions exploring different blues piano styles and techniques (walking bass, left hand rootless voicings, double-note right hand phrasings with bluesy grace notes, 6/8 time, two-note left hand accompaniments, etc.): Quiet Blues, Down South, Sanctified Rhythm Blues, Walkin’ Blues, and Gospel Blues. Easy intermediate level.

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  • Joanna

    Hi Mr. Scivales

    Years ago, I bought your book “The Soul of Blues, Stride & Swing Piano”, and I’ve lost it in the last couple of months. I really love the transcription of st James Infirmary, and I was wondering if you could help me find that. I’ve actually found part of a pdf of it, but I’m still missing the last page. Thank you so much for your time!


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